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After two long years Zac goes on a mission to find and interview Quin69. Couch Kumaras are available for video work in New Zealand and around the world.


This is how Quin69’s HARDCORE Playthrough of Valheim went. … Quin LOGS to scratch his head (?) fighting HC UBER EATER – Ft. Mathil.

Quin69 Highlights

My name is Barkov, and I run the Unofficial highlights/VODs Channel for Quin69! I created the channel in 2019 to help preserve a record of old VODs that …

BEST OF QUIN69 2022 – YouTube

Quin’s final moments in Lake of Kalandra – Highlights #7 · He made this mistake on HARDCORE… · Quin Attempts the new LEGENDARY Difficulty in Terraria on …

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